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pre-team gymnastics program

 Lil Champs

 This is the second level of our PreTeam program and is for aspiring team gymnasts who are serious about their gymnastics  training. This level of pre-team is for the 4-5-6 year olds who are selected based on evaluation process.

 The added 30 minute training per day allows our instructors to focus on the finer details and techniques needed to advance the  skill level. Tumbling time is extended, as is the time for the strength and flexibility improvement.

 Length: 90 min
 Cost: $95 / mo
​ Pre-Qualifications: By Invitation only
 There are no make ups offered for this class

  Hot Shots

 The pre-competitive program serves as a stepping stone from our recreational program. It is designed for the serious gymnasts,  the ones who not only have the talent, but more importantly the desire to be a competitive gymnast some day. This is “by invitation  only” group of 3-4 year olds that desire to pursue gymnastics at a more advanced pace.

 This is where the student will experience a more structured, more detailed approach to our instructions but by no means does the  fun stops here. We have designed our developmental program to be FUN, CHALLENGING and SATISFYING.

 Length: 60 min

 Cost: $70 / mo

​ Pre-Qualifications: By Invitation only

 There are no make ups offered for this class