intermediate gymnastics classes

orange level

This is a “by invitation only” group of gymnasts ages 7 and up that not only show great potential but also the desire to pursue gymnastics at a more advanced pace. Their structured training includes rotation on all Olympic events but also trampoline and time for strength and flexibility improvement. Attention to detail is essential for future skills development but our instructors understand that these young athletes need to have fun along the way.

Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $70/mo
Pre-Qualifications: Completion of yellow level; required skills: mill circle, sole circle on bars; cartwheel on low beam, handstand on high beam; back walkover, front walkover on floor;


Call our office for class availability (904) 732-6040

​​ YELLOW  level

This class is considered Intermediate I level in our gymnastics program and is designed to build upon the skills mastered in the violet and blue levels. It features unique skill progressions that are sure to challenge and reward each student. More challenging skills require a higher level of strength and flexibility which will be provided through focused USAG training standards.

Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $70 / mo
Pre-Qualifications: Must have mastered the following skills: stretch jump, handstand to flat back on vault; pull over on bars; ¾ handstand on beam; cartwheels, handstands, bridge kickover on floor

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9410 Historic Kings Road South

Jacksonville, Florida 32257