Our skill evaluations for all gymnastics and homeschooling classes are held quarterly on the following dates:

~ January 16-28 ~                       ~ April 17-29 ~                       ~ July 17-29 ~                          ~ October 16-28 ~

Motor Development
Gymnastics develops motor skills in young children. When we ask them to jump, circle their arms, look at their bellybutton to do a forward roll, and walk across the beam, they are engaging their entire bodies. They not only learn the skills we’re teaching them, but their bodies are also learning to movie in different ways.

Get strong
Gymnastics inherently enhances strength and fitness of all students from head to toe. Being stronger of course has many advantages... you can show off in gym class, run faster to catch the ice cream truck, or stop an on coming freight train (well maybe not). Anyway it is cool to be strong!

Get tough
Yep gymnastics is not for sissies and if your friends say so...tell them to show you their iron cross on rings or cartwheel on a high beam. Gymnasts learn to be confident and tough minded, traits that certainly helps with overall self esteem.

Get Flexible
This may not seem like a great benefit but believe me having flexibility sure beats not having any. It makes lots of things easier, like scratching those hard to reach spots on your back, tying your shoes, or fitting your entire body into a duffle bag. Just kidding, flexibility helps prevent injuries and increases agility in all sports.

Sports Readiness for Other Sports
Gymnasts tend to be overall good athletes. Gymnasts develop flexibility, strength, speed, agility, grace, endurance, and coordination. It’s a requirement of the sport. Therefore, most gymnasts tend to be good at most sports. Gymnastics provides a great base for wrestling, track, skiing, diving, basketball, football, soccer, cheerleading and more.

 The Benefits of Gymnastics

recreational gymnastics CLASSES

tumbling classes - $70

Ready to flip, flop and roll? Tumbling classes teach the basics of gymnastics from cartwheels to walkovers, handsprings and eventually aerials, tucks and layouts. These classes will help you limber up, gain strength, and have a great time while learning new skills. CLICK HERE to view schedule

rent the entire gym for your cheer team any sunday after 10am ... only $50 per hour!
(minimum 2 hour rental to open gym)

rainbow rascals - $70

​This class is an introduction to gymnastics for our preschool school children ages 3 - 5. CLICK HERE to view schedule



is year round


No Classes - 

​July 3rd - July 9th


With experience gained from previous levels, students in Yipee Yellow classes continue to learn new skills on all events. This class is by invitation ONLY

greatest green - $70

The Greatest Green class is the Intermediate I level of Champions Rainbow Rec program. This class is for students who have mastered basic skills on all events in Brilliant Blue class.  CLICK HEREto view schedule

victorious violet - $70

​This is an introduction to the sport of gymnastics. Students can join this class with little or no previous gymnastics experience. CLICK HERE to view schedule

brilliant blue - $70

​ Brilliant Blue Class is the advanced beginner level  and is great for students who have completed the Victorious Violet class.CLICK HEREto view schedule

​Our Champions Rainbow Rec Gymnastics Program is structured to follow USAGymnasticsguidelines and is designed to provide each child with top quality learning experience in a safe and loving environment. We offer levels for the first timer all the way up to the most advanced gymnast. Classes are offered for boys and girls.   Our Rainbow Rec program concentrates on defined skills mastery and student evaluations. Each skill level of this program coincides with a color in the rainbow. Once a gymnast successfully completes all skills in a level, they will graduate to the next color level of the program and commence learning more advanced skills.

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