Play Gym

Bring your child to experience a whole new world of physical fitness during 1 hour play on all Olympic Events, plus a trampoline, foam pit, bounce house and more...

We strive to help our athletes develop coordination, build strength, increase self-confidence, gain sports readiness, improve self-discipline, learn to tumble, flip and climb and have FUN

Give Your Child the Life Long Gift of Gymnastics and Enroll Today!

Parents Night Out

How about a night out? You can do some shopping, go on a date, got to a movie, or just stay home and relax! Don't worry about your child. They will be having a blast at our place!

Our Vision

Special Activities

Field Trips

Schedule a special day for your class that will be planned, organized and directed by one of our qualified staff!

Small, medium and large groups are welcome!        

Gymnastics Camps

Our camps are filled with exciting activities including gymnastics, relay games, obstacle courses, rope climbing challenges, bounce house, trampoline and foam pit and more...                 

Fitness. Friendship. Fun.

Birthday Parties

No cleaning before and after the party! No hustle and no mess! All you have to do is show up and have FUN!